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Why You Need A Postage Scale If You’re Going To Sell Anything on Ebay

Regardless of what you sell on eBay having a digital scale is maybe the second most critical item you’ll need so as to become successful. If you have ever shipped a package you know that you really need to have the right weight so you have the proper postage on it. If you guess the weight you are either paying too much for postage or your package will be returned for not having enough postage. With the cost of stamps nowadays you can’t afford to pay too much for shipping. If you are an eBay seller you already have enough costs to think about with no need to stress about postage as well. Infrequently sellers will be offering a fixed rate delivery fee.

Additionally, it is against eBay’s rules to charge unrestrained shipping, if you try and do so your auction will get pulled and you’ll risk losing your account.

Hence to clear up that issue (and to make your life much easier) you want to get postage scale. There are several kinds of scales available but the best for weighing the most exactingly is a digital scale. The next thing you want to choose is how much weight capacity you require for the digital scale you get. This will rely on what you’re selling. If you are selling something heavy then you’ll need a heavyweight scale, but if you’re selling typically lighter weight items like clothing or books then you will probably only need up to a five lb. Capacity scale. You could be asking, why do I really need a scale when I’ll just take my packages to the post office and have them weighed for me? The issue with that is you have got to know the weight of your package before you list the item on eBay. And even then you don’t know who are purchasing your item which suggests you don’t know where it’s being shipped. If your package is over a certain weight this does matter dependent on the shipping section. You’ve got to know what you are going to charge for shipping before you list the item and your bidders have to know what they’ll have to pay. Are you able to imagine having to line up behind ten folks solely to get the weight of your package and then after it sells you’re going to have to go back down there and stand in a queue again to pay to have it shipped? You do not have time for that. And the three reason why you need a scale is perhaps because you’ve no reason not to get one. Did you realise that you can get one for free distribution to you? Just think, if you have got your own scale you can start printing your own postage at home, all that you need is a printer & paper.

You do not need anything special simply a regular printer that prints legibly. All you have to do to ship your package from home and never need to go to the post office again is one Weigh it – ensure you don’t forget to include the entire package suggesting the item you are selling, the box you are shipping it in and the packing material. Two Print the postage right from your PC and tape it to your package.

Three Schedule a free pick-up from USPS straight from your step. Yes, your postal carrier will pick up your package for you, all you have to do is log on and schedule a pick-up at least a day before the event. Imagine never having to go to the post office again! What sort of time & gas will you save? And remember your reason – if you have youngsters and you’ve had to stand in a queue at the post office for twenty minutes with them and a few packages then you know what I am talking about. So join thousands of other successful eBayers and discover how you can also get a free digital scale and free postage and start shipping from home. This piece of writing can be unreservedly printed on a site so long as it is not changed in any fashion including the writer bylines, and the hyperlink must be made active just like below. Christine Mitchell is the website manager of the eBay Blog – eBay What’s Selling which features articles, tips on what to sell and many resources helping eBayers to achieve success in their eBay enterprises.

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